Easy Loans For Self Employed

19 Dec 2011

Loans Self employed are especially entertaining those residents of UK who are self employed and are in urgent need of financial assistance. We are specialized in arranging unbeatable short term loans especially loans for self employed which is specifically for employed individuals of UK. With us you can locate the most convenient solutions for your urgent necessities.

We at Loans Self Employed offer you short term loans that can invariably meet your unexpected expenditures which are much ahead of your monthly returns. If you are self employed and are making a decent income at end of every month then you are rest assured to get an instant loan approval via us.

Our process is very simple and fast. You have to only fill our online application with provision of few details and we will offer you the most exciting loans offers that can perfectly suit your needs. With this loan amount you can safely clear any of your short term expenses like medical bills, tuition fees, etc.

We are fax less with no pledge of collateral. Besides, there are nil upfront fees and we have omitted the cumbersome process of credit checks. The only 4 eligibility criteria that you should possess are:

Be above 18 years of age and hold a permanent status of UK
Be employed and attain a fixed monthly income
Hold a valid and active bank account

Our loans for self employed can provide you an amazing loan amount anywhere between pound 100 and pound 1500. We have even kept a flexible repayment schedule of 14 to 30 days for your ultimate ease.

Our short term loans exclusively for self employed UK citizens are bounded to take care of your urgent and small expenses.


Loans Self Employed is assured to serve you if you are a self employed citizen of UK. We can offer you loan amount of up to pound 1500.